From Photographers

Jennifer Jakulyte MA

We are wedding photographers and have been clients of La-vie designers for the past three years. During this time we have used them to design and manufacture well over twenty albums.
They make beautiful and unique wedding albums; our brides simply love them. The quality of the craftsmanship of the albums is superb. Many of our couples choose us because we provide such albums. Their designing is exceptional, and above all they provide top notch customer service.
We are delighted to recommend them as wedding photography album providers


Noah Wolf MN

Handing over the layout for the album was the thing I was most hesitant about. That is most definitely a thing of the past! La-vie did an absolutely beautiful job both with the printing and the design of my sample book. I love pointing out the handmade craftsmanship to clients; their eyes always get bigger when they open my La-vie. Every book since has only gotten better and Iím looking forward to providing my clients with the finest album Iíve yet to see for a long time.


JR Geoffrion IL

"I absolutely love the La-Vie albums because I appreciate the skilled workmanship required to design and create such unique albums. Not only is each album different and handmade to the fullest extent of the word, but the attention to the smallest of details is astounding. Features such as the window pages, layered pages, textured pages, and custom pastel color make the La-Vie albums truly unique."

Josef and Lisa TN

"La-vieís masterful design and immaculate craftsmanship towers above anything else in the marketplace. Clients are stunned by the presentation of their album. A La-vie album is certain to be a priceless, timeless heirloom for generations to come. We at Studio Momenti are proud to offer La-vie Albums to our clients."

Josef Willis and Lisa Ruschetti, Studio Momenti

From Couples

Marcos & Cortney
The photo album is absolutely beautiful!!

Tali & Dan
We truly appreciate the art of the album. We can not wait to recommend it to our friends!!

Miyako & Kevin
We just received our album and our parents albums. They are so great! We can not stop raving about them!

David & Mary
Our album is absolutely breathtaking. We have never seen anything like it."

Adrian & Barbara
Thank you for creating such a beautiful memento of our wedding day. The craftsmanship is just stunning

Louis & Aya
The album is gorgeous. We get alot of wonderful compliments.

Delio & Cristina
Everyone who looks at our album is always amazed at the high quality. We are always going to recommend La-Vie.

Jace & Jaylin
Words cannot express how pleased we are with our album. It's exquisite!

La-vie album