We apologize for those that enjoyed our black and brown Classy Leather so much, but we are discontinuing that product lineup to bring you more color variations on our original leather:
Black, Red, Brown, Dark Navy Blue, Orange, Silver, and Gold.

You can choose whether or not you need buckle, as well as the size and location of the front image.
The price for these exciting new colors will be an additional $125 starting August 2013. Place your orders now to reserve your price and color.

p.s. we still have classy leather, so please contact us to hold the number of amount you need for your studio.

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WPPI 2013

WPPI has ended without any problems this year too.

For those who came to visit our booth, we thank you very much.

Since we held our 70% discount on the samples this year, we’ve got a lot of orders from many photographers.

We’re excited that many of you ordered, and in just a few moments you too will be able to experience what La vie albums have to offer. You won’t believe how great and unique our La vie Albums are until you see and hold our albums in person.

For those who didn’t order at WPPI or those couldn’t come out to see us at WPPI, if you are interested in taking a look at some samples, please contact us at

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“Nishiki ” our new production line

At WPPI convention, we will display “Nishiki” which is a frame album line that we are selling from last year as a trial.

The theme of “Nishiki” is “WA”- Japan, and the materials such as Washi-Japanese paper, Urushi-Japanese lacquer,(which we really cared of choosing,) are used for the frame and album lines.

Its quality and its design is really high as well as our usual La-vie Albums.
Please check them in person.

We will be looking forward to seeing you all at our booth. If you have any questions, please be free to contact us at

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WPPI sample album special!!

We will be participating WPPI this year also.
Our booth number will be #1573.

The highlight of this year will be our sample album special, which we will give 70% discount with on the spot!
This is the biggest discount ever we had. (except for M type. 1 album per studio.)

Those who were interested in but didn’t make an album, why don’t you take an advantage of this chance and make a sample album?

Our best selling album is G100.

The numbers of the album with 70 % off special is limited- 30 albums.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

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WPPI in Vegas Booth number 1573

Hello Everyone,
We will be participating WPPI this year also.
Our booth number will be #1573.
If you need free trade show pass, please contact us at

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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Interactive Demo & Album Image

The uniqueness of the page layouts for our G, H, and F type of La-vie Album have been really popular.
For those who cannot see the album in person, we have made an Interactive Album Demonstration to let everyone see just how each of the layouts look like so you can create your own album.
You can also see the images of the albums for our website and brochure.
If you’d like to order, please contact us at:

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Started on Facebook

Hello Everyone,

There is only one more month left in this year, and well although it might have come a little bit late, we would like to announce that the La Vie Album has now started on Facebook.

We’d like to hear many things of what you think about our new La Vie Album on Facebook, so swing by there and leave us a comment on our page.

From time to time, we will be updating with pictures directly from our photographers that show our completed albums that you can order.

For example, we’ll update you when we find a nice cover image. Or even a new exciting position for the cover image in the center, instead of the usual top left. Or even when we are able to put 130 different cuts into the G100 album creating a single collage image. Or even when we use an invitation card to the first page of our album!

Please visit our page often to stay up to date with all of our fresh new ideas!

Thank you for being a part of us, we are happy to hear from you with any questions you may have!

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New color for Original Leather Cover

The original leather, which also came in White and Gold, now has a new color: Silver!
Now that we have 8 colors to use for the original leather: Black, Red, Dark Blue, Orange, Ivory, White, Gold, and Silver.
You can choose whether or not if you would like use an Album Cover Image, the Size and Location of that image, or even if you would like to add a Buckle to any of our leather covers to all of our albums.

(If there hasn’t been any customization made to the order, the cover image with the size of 3×3 will be added on to the top left corner of the album along with a buckle.)

*If you would like to make a custom order, please write your selections on the Remarks Section of the order form.

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Hello Everyone!
It might be a bit too late, but we will be creating a La-vie Album Facebook page in just a short time.

We will be sending out invitations in a different mail, so everyone please join us and put a “Like” on our page!
From now on in the future, we will be introducing our wonderful completed albums by various photographers on our Facebook page.
Please write us any comments or any kind of questions you might have.
Although we are new to Facebook, we will be working hard to bring you the best we have to offer!

If you have any advice on how to make our page better, please let us know!

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Kira – new album line

Hello Everyone!

This month, we will introduce to you our newest album. Kira

The album cover, which utilizes silk crepe, is very soft and gentle to the touch. We`ve also added a small cute accessory to the album cover to give it a little accent.

The color combinations used in the creation of these albums include one with a deep red spine followed by a green trim line and the other having a warm glowing orange spine with a golden yellow trim line.
The red spine album includes an accessory which is the motif of the Japanese ume flower.
The orange spine album includes an accessory which is the motif of the Japanese mari ball.

Traditional Japanese washi paper is used for the pages inside this beautiful album. The Japanese patterns and kanji that are added transform the atmosphere to reflect a Japanese essence.

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