Hello Everyone!
For this month’s issue, we will take a look back to the origins of the first La-vie album which was created in Japan sixteen years ago. At that time, the norm for a wedding ceremony in Japan was to give the wedding couple a traditional photo album that included a mix of group photos as well as personal bridal photos that were simply affixed inside.
During that time, Mr. Umeda, the former president of the La-vie Factory and founder of the La-vie album, decided to create a revolutionary album that incorporated the idea of photo journalism in order to break free of traditional thinking. After surpassing many hardships and obstacles during the process of developing the new type of album, the La-vie album was finally completed.
We always had the belief that we give great things to our customers.
The La-vie album captures your best day by always creating your original album using silver halide prints hand by hand and one at a time, never using templates. The La-vie album is one that can express the strength, warmth, depth, and reality that every picture has, where a digital album could never express.
The trend of pictures always accelerates forward and changes quickly. Even though we are bound to this situation, we have and always will aim towards making the best album focusing on each individual picture.
Isn’t it great that there is an album that will never change its style of using high quality silver halide prints and utilizing our vision of the perfect album, in a world that is always in a constant state of change?
We really appreciate from the bottom of our hearts every photographer that is currently developing our La-vie albums!

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