Deadline for delivery and shipping

Hello, everyone!
It’s almost Halloween. What are you planning to dress up as this year?

Now, onto delivery news! If you’d like your albums delivered by the end of the year, we ask that you have your submissions in to us by November 5th, at the latest!
For the past two years, we’ve asked that orders be sent digitally. You can submit here:

We also ask that all files up to 2 gigabytes be transformed into ZIP files before you upload. Our order form can be downloaded from the page above.

We also accept orders for drop shipping. If you’d like to place an order for drop shipment, please indicate so on the order form under the “Comments” section.

We include the cost of UPS Ground shipping–within America–in the price. If you need your albums to be delivered quickly, we can send them Express at an additional cost. Please indicate any special requests on the order form under the “comments” section.

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