Started on Facebook

Hello Everyone,

There is only one more month left in this year, and well although it might have come a little bit late, we would like to announce that the La Vie Album has now started on Facebook.

We’d like to hear many things of what you think about our new La Vie Album on Facebook, so swing by there and leave us a comment on our page.

From time to time, we will be updating with pictures directly from our photographers that show our completed albums that you can order.

For example, we’ll update you when we find a nice cover image. Or even a new exciting position for the cover image in the center, instead of the usual top left. Or even when we are able to put 130 different cuts into the G100 album creating a single collage image. Or even when we use an invitation card to the first page of our album!

Please visit our page often to stay up to date with all of our fresh new ideas!

Thank you for being a part of us, we are happy to hear from you with any questions you may have!

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