New Album, Preuve.

Hello Everyone!

This month we would like to announce the sale of a new album line!

This is the first time we are presenting a wide version album in our collection.

It is called Preuve. An original design created by Mr. Sakata, who is our design team director here at La-Vie.

We have now completed an album that has a very stylish and trendy design.
The outside cover is made of Italian leather with a marble pattern design. The middle of the cover is wrapped in a band that has no pattern.

While closed, the size of the album measures at 9.5 inches x 14 inches. Utilizing its tri-fold design, the album opens up to a maximum length of 42 inches.
Although each page is separated by the folds in the album, a single picture can be displayed up to 9.3 x 41 inches.
This album can accept 80 images. Unfortunately, there is no place for a top or bottom cover image.

Album leather cover and album page color, come in black only.

Price: e-mail us, please.

For more details, please contact

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