La-vie Album has won the highest praise from photographers all over the world

La-vie Album has won the highest praise from photographers all over the world as the only album designing service they trust to preserve and enhance the photographic arts. La-vie Albums are handcrafted by professional designers, using the highest-quality acid-free materials available. La-vie Album transforms a wedding into a cherished object d’art to be experienced over and over again.

Every page created by hand

Creating your La-vie Album is a labor of love for our designers, who employ their experience and skills to arrange your pictures with careful consideration, one image at a time. The result is a one-of-a-kind treasure that truly captures the special feelings of a special day.

Professionally Crafted Pages

Our pages are created from a palette of elegant pastel colors or classic, modern black. Our designers select from more than 300 types of over mattes to find the perfect match for each individual image. Each page is carefully inspected and laminated to ensure that your photographs can be enjoyed again and again, as fresh and beautiful as ever.


Everything is designed with personal attention

Your best picture of the bride and groom will grace the first page. Our album designers will then work off your remaining selected pictures and turn it into a working masterpiece. Everything is designed with personal attention.

La-vie albums will add a new dimension of style for your clients. La-vie albums come in different sizes, styles, and colors to more than satisfy your needs. Our high-quality album starts as a multi-step process, our designer looks through each of your photographs, designs the layout, inspects each image by hand, and then we professionally protect each image with a laminate that reduces fading and protects your images against fingerprints and stains.

La-vie album